Banking Knowledge English-Mock Quiz

Test Your Banking Knowledge with Our English-Language Mock Quiz

Welcome to our English-language mock quiz that is designed to test your banking knowledge. Whether you are an aspiring banker or a seasoned professional, this quiz is a great way to assess your understanding of the banking sector.

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Banking Quiz English

Test your banking knowledge with our English-language mock quiz. Covering basics, financial products, regulations, terminologies, and current affairs in the banking sector. Ideal for aspirants and professionals alike.

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Punjab is famous for which textile?

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When was OECD established?

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Which institute launched a new scheme to provide enhanced export credit risk insurance cover to support small exporters?

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When did the Gold Exchange start?

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When did Citibank start in India?

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Which bank has to open over 100 branches in FY19, recently?

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The old name of which of these banks was Imperial Bank of India?

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Where was Punjab National Bank established?

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Which programme was instituted to help the farmers across timely and adequately credit?

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Where is the headquarters of Fino Payments Bank Limited?

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What is the current rate of CPI inflation in the UK?

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Which bank is the operator of the payment system?

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When did the GST Council approve the GST Compensation to States Bill?

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Which of these banks had launched ‘Cashback’ home loan for its customers?

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What is Annual ITR for HDFC Credit Card?

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According to Basel Norms, Bank should maintain a CAR of _______for smooth functioning of banks?

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How many countries are involved in the World Bank?

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Which is the largest private sector bank in India?

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Who among the following was the first Indian Governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

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What is the full form of IIP?

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Which of the following is not a financial intermediary?

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What is the revised projected growth rate of India for the fiscal year 2022/23 as per the World Bank?

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What type of currency does the central bank issue?

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Who was the first woman chairperson of Bharatiya Mahila Bank?

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Who was appointed as the Chairman of Banks Board Bureau in April 2018?

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First multi currency international Debit Card are issued in India by?

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Which is India’s largest G20 investor country?

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What is the retail inflation rate in India in February 2022 as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

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Under whose control do co-operative banks function?

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What is the minimum loan amount on SGB?

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What is the animal in the logo of the RBI?

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In India, the first bank of limited liability managed by Indians_______?

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When was the Bharatiya Mahila Bank established?

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Which is the parent company of Sony?

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Due to which scheme of the Central Government has there been a record-breaking increase in bank accounts?

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Which of the following bank becomes the India’s first bank to introduce iris authentication for Aadhar-based transactions through micro ATMs?

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What is the core messaging service of Swift?

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When was established Vijaya Bank?

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Current Account becomes dormant when there are no withdrawals for the last_____?

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Is interest given on bank savings deposit?

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Where is the HQ of BharatPe?

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How many total nationalized banks in India?

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Which of the following is the first bank to issue biometric ATMs?

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Who was the first woman chairperson of Bharatiya Mahila Bank?

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Which of these banks was earlier known as Imperial Bank of India?

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How many banks are there in India?

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Who is CEO of Reliance Jio?

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Which bank was merged with State Bank of India first?

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Which is the world’s most valuable edtech company?

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When was founded The Nainital Bank?

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How many banks were first nationalized?

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How many active payments bank in India?

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In which year Agri Infinity program was launched

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Which Indian has been appointed as the new Vice-Chairman of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Fund (AIIB)?

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Who is the regulator of Mutual Funds in India?

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Why World Bank was established?

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Which is the highest currency in the world?

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Who has been appointed as the first Chief Financial Officer of Reserve Bank of India?

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‘INDRADHANUSH’ is related to

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NABARD was established on the basis of the recommendation of which committee?

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How much increased repo rate in 2023?

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Which is the number 1 private bank in India?

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Under which constitutional amendment GST was added to the constitution in India?

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When the reserve bank desires to restrict expansion of credit it……?

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Which organization has recently launched eShield Next Life Insurance product?

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Insurance companies in India are regulated by?

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Which of the following has highest weighted risk against loan?

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Which is the bank which was established in Mumbai and its headquarters is established in Delhi?

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In which bank of India all the employees are only women?

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Which bank has launched a digital transformation project named SMBHAV?

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What is the percentage of FDI allowed in Insurance sector in India?

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With which article of the Indian Constitution is Money Bill related?

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Which bank released the report Working Group on Digital Lending?

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Which country became the largest exporter of rice?

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Who is the owner of Future Group?

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When was established Dena Bank?

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Which of the following was the first Indian bank to open its branch in London in 1946?

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What is the total GST revenue collected in August 2022?

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Non Agriculture market access (NAMA) word is related to which organization?

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Which movement encouraged the formation of commercial banks?

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Which of the following bodies regulates the Regional Rural Banks?

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Which country has the maximum number of digital transactions?

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How many types of PSL can the bank issue?

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After SBI, the largest amount of charges for not maintaining minimum balance during 2017-18 was collected by which bank?

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When was established Indian Bank?

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Which country is in the most debt in 2023?

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What is the minimum amount required to open a Fixed deposit (FD)?

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What is the scenario of unemployment in India?

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In which year the Financial Task Force (FATF) is established?

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What is the term ‘smart money’ used for?

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What is the full form of PPP?

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SBI has launched its mobile wallet application State Bank Mobi Cash Mobile Wallet in partnership with which telecommunication company?

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How many lots can we buy in Zerodha?

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Which of the following is a public sector undertaking?

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Who is the owner of National Housing Bank?

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How many stages are there in the bankruptcy process?

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Which deficit contributes the most to the total deficit of the Indian government’s budget?

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When was UPI launched in India?

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As per the recent IBBI notification, what is the time limit for a corporate to exit business?

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What is the animal in the logo of the RBI?

Covering Basics, Financial Products, Regulations, Terminologies, and Current Affairs

Our quiz is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics related to banking. It includes questions on the basics of banking, such as the functions of different types of banks and the roles of key banking personnel. You will also find questions on financial products, including loans, savings accounts, and investment options.

In addition, our quiz will test your knowledge of banking regulations, including the laws and policies that govern the banking industry. You can expect questions on terminologies commonly used in banking, such as interest rates, credit scores, and collateral. Furthermore, we have included questions on current affairs in the banking sector, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.

Ideal for Aspirants and Professionals Alike

Our quiz is suitable for both aspiring bankers and professionals looking to enhance their knowledge. If you are preparing for a career in banking, this quiz will help you assess your readiness and identify areas for improvement. For professionals, it serves as a valuable tool to stay updated with industry trends and regulations.

So, are you ready to test your banking knowledge? Take our English-language mock quiz now and see how well you fare!

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